University of Tennessee at Martin’s Solar Garden

Chancellor Keith Carver assembled a team of visual arts and engineering students to design a solar sculpture for the UT Martin campus. The project is a two-story tall sculpture that doubles as a panel to absorb solar energy. All sunlight absorbed through the panels are fed into the utility grid on campus.

I was assigned with creating the concept drawings that would eventually be used as a reference for the final installation. We focused on incorporating a balance of nature & technology in the design by keeping it functional. The tree roots form into four benches that have charging stations attached, where students can sit and charge their phones using energy generated from the sculpture.

Annual Tennessee Soybean Festival’s Guitar as Art Exhibition

We worked with the Tennessee Soybean Festival to create and host the “Guitar as Art” exhibition. The Soybean Festival is an annual festival in West Tennessee that celebrates soybeans, one of the primary cash crops in the area. “Guitar as Art” was created as a collaboration between the Martin Fine Arts Gallery, Weakley County, and the League of Striving Artists.

Local artists and alumni paint abstract compositions using acoustic guitars as their canvas. I was involved in organizing the event and staging the gallery, along with taking photos and documenting the event. Since our first show, the “Guitar as Art” exhibition has become a recurring attraction at the annual Soybean Festival.

Samsung Galaxy Note Contact Portraits

This is a project I started as a way to get acquainted with the pen feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note series. I used the phone pen and illustration app to draw stylized portraits of all my contacts, usually within 10-15 minutes. It was a fun challenge trying to see how simplified I could make a drawing while still making the person recognizable! Every week I would host trivia on my social media to see if everyone could guess who was featured in the drawings.

Weakley County Methodist Church Mural

The League of Striving Artists, the local student art group in Martin, TN, was commissioned to paint a four-wall mural in the new nursery at the local Methodist church. I assisted with staging and painting the murals, as well as photographing and publishing the PR linked to the event.

University of Tennessee Music Department Mural

UT Martin’s music department had the League of Striving Artists design and paint a wall mural to celebrated the new music lounge on campus. As president of the organization I was tasked with instructing the students about the basics of mural painting and color theory. I also assisted with painting and documenting the event.